Aid Awarded to Enrolled Undergraduates 2019-20 (estimated)

Total dollar amount awarded for financial aid

Total dollar amount of grants or scholarships

Total dollar amount of Institutional grants or scholarships

Financial Aid and Peer Institutions

NC State’s undergraduate class of 2019 averaged $21,077 in the cumulative principal amount borrowed from federal loan programs. Research from the Institute for College Access & Success reported that in 2016, 1.5 million students graduated from a four-year college with an overall average of $29,650 in student loans. This has increased by 1 percent from 2012, where student debt was $29,400.

Source: TICAS Quick Facts

Need-based aid is available to students based on their school’s cost of attendance (COA) minus their expected family contribution (EFC).  This aid helps students complete their degree requirements and avoid burdensome debt. NC State was able to provide 45.2% of all undergraduates with a need-based scholarship or grant, a .01% increase from 2015. From 2015 to 2020, the majority of schools in NC State’s peer group observed a decrease in their percentage of undergraduates with need-based scholarship or grant aid.

Student Aid and TICAS