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Data Request and Custom Reports

If you are seeking data not found within our standard reports, we invite you to submit a data request for additional information. Typical turnaround time for data requests is one to three weeks, depending upon the volume of requests. Data Requests generally only include Directory Information.



Student’s Name Race
Preferred Email Address Gender
Enrollment Status SSN
Grade Level (freshman, sophomore, etc) GPA
Major Field of Study Country of Citizenship
Dates of Attendance Religion
Honors, Degrees and Awards Received Grades
  Mailing Addresses
  Telephone Numbers

Note: Anyone planning on using this information to administer a survey to NC State students, alumni, faculty, staff or administrators should be aware of the institutional policies NCSU Regulation on Surveys and NC State Regulation 01.25.17. The University’s survey regulations attempt to regulate the scope, frequency and timing of surveys on campus to ensure their maximum validity and efficacy. NC State conducts numerous surveys throughout the academic year in a meticulous fashion to avoid survey fatigue. Therefore, adherence to these regulations is expected. Additionally, NC State expects compliance with all Federal, State, and local laws pertaining to solicitation, including but not limited to the Can-Spam Act. If you have any question regarding NC State Survey policies, please contact Dr. Nancy Whelchel at